Served on two small corn tortillas topped with fresh onions and cilantro. Add melted cheese to your tacos . . . 50¢tacos1

    Pastor   $2.50

Marinated pork.

    Pork Chop   $2.50

Tender grilled pork chop.

    Chicken   $2.50

Tender grilled chicken.

    Chorizo   $2.50

Grilled Mexican sausage.

    Gringa   $3.90

Marinated pork w/ cheese in flour.


All freshly made appetizers are served witguacamole menuh our famous home made tortilla chips.

    Guacamole   $5.63

Chunks of avocado mixed with pico.

    Cheese Dip   $4.94

White melted cheese.

    Pico de gallo   $4.55

Diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers mixed with fresh lime juice.

    Ceviche   $7.74

Fresh diced Tilapia cooked in lime juices with a mixture of onions, tomatoes and peppers.

    Molletes   $5.85

Beans and melted Chihuahua cheese on a sliced white hoagie toped with pico de gallo.

    Nachos   $11.19

Bed of our home made chips topped with chicken or steak, pico de gallo and cheese dip.


Served on a white hoagie with onion, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, avocado and a thin layer of sour cream and refried beans.TortasSandwich

    Chorizo   $6.20

Mexican Sausage.

    Egg   $6.20

Two scrambled eggs.

    Cheese   $6.20

Melted in Griddle.

    Combined   $7.50

2 ingredients of your choice.

    Cuban   $8.50

Pork leg, Pasto, Ham and cheese.

    Hawaiian   $7.50

Grilled ham with cheese and pineapple.

    Baked Pork Leg   $6.20

Sliced baked pork leg.

    Milanesa   $6.20

Breaded steak or chicken.

    Steak   $6.20

Sliced grilled steak.

    Chicken   $6.20

Sliced grilled chicken.

    Ham   $6.20

Grilled pork ham.

    Pastor   $7.50

Marinated pork.


Fresh and unique. Served with small corn tortillas.Fajitas menu

    Steak or Chicken   $10.39

Grilled steak or chicken, bell peppers, onions and bacon topped with melted cheese.

    Combined Steak and Chicken   $11.69

Grilled steak and chicken, bell peppers, onions and bacon topped with melted cheese.

    Shrimp   $14.29

Grilled shrimp, bell peppers, onions and bacon topped with melted cheese.

    All in One   $8.49

Grilled steak, marinated pork, pork chop, bell peppers, onions and bacon topped with melted cheese.


Freshly made everyday.Soup-Menu

    Aztec   $5.85

Loaded with shredded chicken breast, topped with chopped onions and cilantro.

    Tortilla   $5.85

Tortilla strips and shredded chicken, topped with cheese and avocado, tomato and chipotle flavored.

    Charro beans   $5.20

Soupy, cooked with chorizo, ham and bacon.


3 soft corn tortillas filled with chicken, rolled and baked. Topped with cheese, sour cream and onions. Served with refried beans.enchiladas menu

    Verdes   $11.44

Mild tomatillo sauce.

    Rojas   $11.44

Tomato and dry pepper sauce.

    Poblanas   $11.44

To die for Mole sauce topped with raw onion.

    Suizas   $11.44

Tomatillo sauce topped with au gratin (baked cheese) and served with beans.

    Flautas   $11.44

Three rolled and crispy fried tortillas filled with shredded beef or chicken, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and avocado. Served with rice and beans.

    Hot tamales   $2.60

Chicken or pork wrapped in a corn husk.


Meat of your choice grilled with onions, bell peppers, refried beans and cheese
in a 10" flour tortilla with pico and sour cream on the side.

Burrito menu

    Steak   $6.50


    Chicken   $6.50


    Pastor   $6.50




Meat of your choice served on a 8" flour tortilla with pico and sour cream on the side.quesadilla menu

    Steak   $5.85


    Chicken   $5.85


    Pastor   $5.85


    Chorizo   $5.85


Side Orders

side menu

    Refried beans   $2.86


    Rice   $2.86


    Sour Cream (4 oz.)   $0.98


    Pico de Gallo (4 oz.)   $0.98


    Grilled Jalapeno   $0.98



Dessert MenuHomemade with wife's recipes.

    Three Milk Cake   $4.55


    Flan Napolitano   $4.23